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    1 Room Suite (715 sqft - 803 sqft)2 Rooms Suite, Dual Key (1,124 sqft - 1,133 sqft)2+1 Rooms Suite, Dual Key (1,360 sqft - 1,393 sqft)3 Rooms Suite, Dual Key (1,755 sqft - 1,841 sqft)3+1 Rooms Suite, Dual Key (1,986 sqft - 2,194 sqft)Duplex Unit (3,207 sqft)Presidential Units (2,462 sqft - 4,852 sqft)

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    No. 1, Level 9, Jalan Wawasan,
    KK Sentral,
    Kota Kinabalu, 88000 Sabah, Malaysia

    +6088 301 733 

    +6010 383 2000

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