The Perfect Harmony Of
Convenience And Paradise

The Perfect Harmony Of Convenience And Paradise

Wherever you look, you’re surrounded by nature. The Crown is Kota Kinabalu’s gem that faces the golden sands of the beach and the breathtaking emerald of the ocean. Look to the other side and you’ll be captivated by the trees and mountains that form the backdrop to this exciting development. Nature is everywhere at The Crown, and that’s why serenity and comfort are yours to find in this paradise.

Adjacent To

Dual Key Units

The Best Neighbours

Standing tall next to the best neighbours, The Crown is on the last parcel of land in the most desirable part of Kota Kinabalu, with a host of amenities like hospitals, shops, and entertainment outlets. Its finest neighbour is 5 Star International Hotel with a sterling reputation throughout the world. 5 Star International Hotel is a welcome addition to the Kota Kinabalu hospitality scene.

The front door of The Crown opens out onto the beautiful promenade with shopping, eateries and lots of places to unwind. Kota Kinabalu’s best shopping centre, IMAGO, is literally around the corner. Sutera Harbour Resort is also just 3km away, providing tenants and visitors an array of activities from golfing to marina activities. But if you’d rather not leave at all, The Crown also has a shopping centre of 50,000 sq ft nestled within the development just for your convenience. And if you feel like a little jaunt around the city, KK Sentral bus station is right next door.

The beauty of nature and the vibrant city brings visitors and travellers from all over East Asia, making The Crown a sought-after luxury getaway destination.